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Friday, September 22, 2006

Holy Tornado

Today I flew from Boston back to O'Hare Airport in Chicago. My husband also flew in from New Jersey and we met at Hertz rental car. How romantic. He decided to come meet me since I'm gone from home for so long, and also because our friend Jen gets married tomorrow.

Well Peter was tired so he took a nap. Needing a little retail therapy, I headed over to Kohl's to see if I could find a new dress for the wedding. So I get there, and I'm browsing. I buy a few things, and then begin to walk out to the parking lot. That's when I'm greeted by the darkest, scariest sky I've ever seen. Seriously, it was pitch black and freaky. And the worst part was that the scary sky was accompanied by tornado sirens. Any good midwesterner knows what that means...

The manager of Kohl's comes on over the loudspeaker and tells all the shoppers to head back to the Customer Service area to take cover. I'm thinking to myself, "This is just great. I come back to Chicago and go on a quick shopping trip and then I end up having a tornado drill at Kohl's. Just perfect!" Well just as I'm grumbling to myself, I hear someone say, "Hey Weed!" It was my friend and one of my fave a-phi's from EIU named Val. We had a chance to catch up on life during the tornado warning, and it was so great to see her. Man, you know your social life is strugglin' when you need a tornado threat to catch up with friends...

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