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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Clarion University - PA

This morning I caught an early flight from Newark to Pittsburgh. I took a cab to Newark, and it was simply bizarre. My driver was the type who didn't quite understand how NOT a morning person I am. After a long ride to the airport, he hops out of the cab and steals the curbside check-in guy's cart. He was just trying to help me, but seriously, you don't do that. Those guys take carts seriously, and this one was no exception. He screamed at my driver, who then screamed back. I started taking my own bags out of the trunk while they duked it out. It was quite a debacle.

Many have asked how the travel is going, given the new rules and restrictions. As a frequent traveler for the past 5 years, it's been a rough adjustment. Checking bags in my industry is unheard of. Checked bags equal lost bags! And I wouldn't have an issue with this new "no liquids on the plane thing" if they didn't prohibit coffee. That really sucks. (especially early mornings like today)

Got to Pittsburg, and drove 2 hours to Clarion. Spoke to a few hundred Clarion University women tonight, and had SO much fun! We came, we saw, we kicked some ass. See below some pics of me, the program and the book signing afterwards.

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