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Friday, September 01, 2006

Book Tour Kickoff

Today I kicked off the book tour. I boarded a plane to Denver, Colorado where tomorrow I will be speaking at Johnson & Wales to 350 freshmen students. Being that I haven't traveled in awhile, I whipped out some unsavvy traveler behaviors. (Spilled my water + ice down my pant leg...that was soggy.) But overall it was uneventful, and fun to be traveling with my husband for this leg of the tour. When I landed, I had a voicemail from the Fox TV producer wanting to interview me for a show called The Lineup. So tomorrow I'll be doing that via satellite here in Denver. I'm a little freaked to do that whole stare into the camera and talk thing, but I suppose I should probably get used to it.

This evening I took the staff of my speakers bureau, CAMPUSPEAK, out for dinner to celebrate the awesome success the book tour has become. Dan Kennedy does most of my booking, and when we met he had a picture frame wrapped in brown paper. I asked what it was, and he said it was for the Exec Director of the bureau, Tracy Maxwell. So I believed him. Then we get to the restaurant and he tells me to open it. And in my brain I'm thinking, "Now why would he want me to open Tracy's gift?" Seeing my obvious confusion, Dan pointed out that the gift was in fact for me. I had been duped. So I open it...see pic below...

They totally put my tour dates and bus into a poster and had it framed...then they all signed it! I couldn't believe how awesome it looked, and how sweet they were to do that for me. I was veclemt. (is that spelled right?) Here is a picture of me and my CAMPUSPEAK friends: Scott, Tracy, Megan, me, Dan and TJ. After dinner we hit the town a bit...celebrations galore!

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