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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Book on Amazon

So recently people have been asking me if my book is available on Amazon. Oddly enough, I wasn't sure. Was this something the book distributor handles? Being a first time author, I find myself in a constant state of confusion, but I'm learning. Well I got curious, and fell asleep last night wondering, "IS my book on Amazon?" Alas, it is. CLICK HERE to see it.

People have been wondering if it's better for them to buy it at a bookstore or amazon...if you buy it from you'll get it autographed. And Amazon is only offering pre-orders right now, as opposed to shopGFB which will ship it out today.

In addition to being on Amazon, the book is also being featured on all sorts of other random websites. Some are in foreign languages. How do you say "kick ass" in Ukranian? I've gotta find that out.

Thanks for the ongoing support of this book! Less than a month 'till my full on book tour, with accompanying photo/video blog of my tales from the road.

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