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Friday, July 14, 2006

Weed vs. Water Cooler

Some people are scared of clowns. Or flying. Or sharks. I have some cliche small woodland creature fears, like mice. But what I really fear, is when it's time to change the 5 gallon bottle on the water cooler. I've never had good luck with water cooler devices, in fact, I've gone through about 5 of them in 3 years. They leak, break, explode, get shorted out...whatever. I just don't have good luck.

We recently got a new water cooler for the studio, and it was time to change the jug. So today I decided to do the task head-on, and have it documented. I had Tiffany (the GFB program coordinator) take pics while I did the deed. I told her not to stop taking pictures no matter what. I was expecting a full on debacle, based on past disastrous attempts at changing the jug. I figured if I was going to create a mess, at least make it funny.

So there I was...ready to go, heart pounding, thoughts racing and debating whether I should go slow with good aim or fast and furious. I opted for the latter. Lo and behold, I got it straight in on the first time, with just a slight hint of a dribble down the side. It was victorious. See the above pics of pre-launch and action shot. Boo ya.

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