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Friday, July 07, 2006

S Factor

So I'm watching Oprah today, and she has a guest on the show teaching women how to pole dance. At first I was like, "What's THIS show about?!" I soon find out the guest is named Sheila and is an actress and founder of the S Factor. It's basically a workout that consists of pole dancing, lap dancing and strutting around your living room while keeping your body in an "S" shape. Interesting stuff. Some people in the crowd looked pretty shocked and appalled. You know they were thinking, "Here I am, at long last, as an audience member of the Oprah Show. I thought I was going to partake in a good cry watching one of her famous guests lament about their horrific childhood. And here I am, watching some lady teach me how to slink down a wall and walk with my toes dragging on the floor...

But hey, I guess Richard Simmons was bound to be overtaken by somebody. Good for her. I think it's great to encourage women to embrace their bodies and move with confidence. And if one could draw a link between the S Factor and Girls Fight Back, we both share the ideologies of: love yourself, be confident and own your life. If your workout has gotten lame, swing by Sheila's site:

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