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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Giulia Goolia

Ever see the movie, The Wedding Singer? It's one of my faves of all time. If Julia in the movie would have married Glen, her married name would have been Julia Goolia. I always found that to be really hysterical for some reason. And then there was this news anchor in Chicago named Robin Robinson, which I also find funny, but not nearly as funny as Julia Goolia. I mean, seriously, either Robin's parents did that to her or she didn't spend enough time considering if taking her husband's name was really such a good idea. But yeah, Julia Goolia just gets me every time. And now you're probably wondering what the hell this post is about...come on Weed, focus!

So if you haven't seen her already, which is hard, because she's pretty much everywhere right now...I'd like to introduce you to my friend Giulia Rozzi. Part writer, part comic, part speaker and all woman. She kicks ass in her own hilarious way. Right now she's in Glamour magazine on page 180 (Ashley Judd is on the cover) doing some outrageous stunts to get a reaction on a New York street. You gotta see it. She also did a piece with called "The Best Week Ever" where she gives her shy and reserved opinions on what TV shows she watched. (NOT)

But not only is she funny and fabulous, she's also a crusader for women's issues...specifically body image stuff we're pummeled with everyday in the media and common discussion. Giulia is girl power! Check her out at:

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