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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Alpha Phi Convention

Yesterday I spoke in Orlando, FL at the Alpha Phi Convention. Being that this is my sorority, (or technically referred to as a fraternity, since it was started before the word "sorority" existed) I was looking forward to it for quite some time. The thing about speaking in front of several hundred Alpha Phis from across the nation is the amount of love and empathy that nearly knocks me off the stage. It's the kind of speaking engagement where I sometimes get pretty choked up in the introduction, because I know that the women truly understand the loss of losing an A-Phi sister.

I spoke early, at about 8:45am. Of course, I didn't go onstage without the support of my trusty cup o' strong-ass coffee to get me rearing. Did an abbreviated talk about campus safety, and to meet time constraints, zipped ahead to some of the self-defense stuff. Enter my scary bad guy for the event (and lone source of testosterone at the entire convention) Ross Szabo. Ross is my homey. He's my people. He's the man. He's also an incredible speaker with a passsion and energy level strikingly similar to my own. He's a crusader for mental health issues that affect young people today. Check out his mission at

Anywho, Ross did his job well as my S.B.G. The ladies loved Ross. Perhaps I should start calling him L.L. Ross-man. Yeah, that's hot. But seriously, after I kicked his ass for awhile, it was time for me to say adios...and L.L. Ross-man seamlessly went into his hour talk about what students can do to recognize the warning signs of mental illness and how to create campus activism. We were seamless I tell you! Seamless!

The event photographer approached me as I got off stage, giddy as a school girl and showing me the digital pics on his camera screen. He was laughing especially hard at the one of me wracking Ross's testicles with my high heel. Awesome. Will post these hilarious pics as soon as I can order them.

But to all the A-Phis out there...I got nothin' but love for ya. Thanks for coming out. And thanks for buying the books! (I sold all 60 that I brought with me within an hour) AOE to you all. (and a secret hand shake too...)

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