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Friday, June 09, 2006

Remembering Tiffany

As many of you know, we are quickly approaching June 12, which will mark five years from the day my lovely friend, Shannon McNamara was murdered. Around this time every year, all of us who were close to her seem to feel a particularly heavy sadness. This on top of a recent story that has been in the news of the murder of Tiffany Souers, it becomes all the more difficult. It's a reminder that homicide against innocent women is still happening.

So many times people want to blame victims for being attacked, raped or murdered. They may say, "She was too drunk, too flirty or wearing a short skirt." But in Tiffany's case, the reason this guy chose her was because she was sitting on her front porch. He saw her. He thought she was pretty. He chose her. He attacked her like an animal, while she was sleeping, strangling her with her own bikini top. I suppose some would recommend she should have been inside, with all the windows closed and the lights off to avoid such a fate.

I'd like to commend all the police and investigators involved in this murder investigation, which resulted in the swift capture of her killer. (A sex offender, serial rapist and former inmate in a Florida prison for 16 years for other offenses.) Cops often get a bad rap, but I've been really honored to know many compassionate and dedicated law enforcement professionals since I started GFB almost 5 years ago.

I posted Tiffany's picture above in an attempt for people to remember how she lived, not how she died. All of us here at GFB are sending her friends and family our thoughts & prayers during this tragic time.

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