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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Grand Opening Bonanza

Well this is is the Grand Opening for the Hoboken self-defense studio. It's kinda like your wedding day. You plan, you obsess, you look for the most perfect cocktail napkins...and then WHAM! The day arrives and you're like, it's so surreal. Here are a few photos of the big event. We partied like it was 2006...or something like that.

Myself, Kevin Lockwood (instructor) & Tiffany Loertscher (GFB Program Coordinator)

Brooke Fox, our live music for the event.

Party people surrounded by Hollywood estrogen.

My dad, Wyman, busting open a bottle o' wine.

What professional speaker can turn down an opportunity in front of the mic? Apparantly not I. Towards the end of this particular speech, I even did the "I might cry scrunchy face and voice quiver" thing. Didn't go over the ledge, though, since I forced thoughts of oompa loompas. They make me smile. (Phew, good save Weed!)

Me with Lauren Jonik, one of my favorite fight girls. She was attacked in a Brooklyn elevator and beat the guys ass. Her story concludes my book in the Epilogue. Buy the book!

Overall, a good time was had by all. Looking forward to many more good times, good friends and good ol' fashioned girlfighting.

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