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Monday, June 19, 2006


Ever have one of those days where so much carnage happens so early in the day that you wish you could just start over? That was today for me. So I drive to the airport at 10am to catch a flight to Chicago to speak at the Schaumburg Library. I get to the parking lot, unload my luggage and a big box o' books and hop on the bus to the terminal. As I'm waiting on the bus for another couple, I start to dig for my wallet so I could tip the little guy who helps with the bags. I search. And search. And search. I check my bag once, twice and thrice...then the same with my car. Finally I must face the reality that the Unsavvy Traveler has indeed returned.

Accepting defeat, I put all my bags back in my car to drive home for the wallet. I get inside, and go to put down the top on my convertible, only to discover I had not closed it all the way in the first place! This series of events starts begging the very introspective question of, "What the hell is wrong with me?!" Instead of self-diagnosing, I just decided that today was a do-over and I'd try to start the day again later. The good news is that the second time around was way less stressful.

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