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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hoboken Festival

Today we really told the world the Girls Fight Back women's self-defense studio had arrived in New Jersey. We had a tent/booth at the Hoboken Art & Music Festival, which draws thousands of people from all over the tri-state area. A bunch of my friends and GFB supporters volunteered throughout the day, and we gave away hundreds of brochures, flyers, postcards, buttons and stickers. Overall, it was a huge success...and I now know for certain that the general public is as psyched as I am to open the doors in June.

Thankfully, I have so many amazing people in my community that were willing to lend a hand today. At any given point, there were between 5 and 10 volunteers in the tent or handing out postcards, all wearing GFB t-shirts. It was like the GFB possee...I felt like P Diddy! A big thanks to you all! See photo above L-R: Colleen O'Brien, Erin Weed & Tiffany Loertscher.

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