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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Creepy Dancing Wierdo

In my classes, I often talk about how to deal with creepy weirdos you meet in life. These are the guys that skeeve you out, but you're fairly certain he's not going to throw you in a trunk or anything. They're just weird and you just know you don't want them within a 30 foot radius.

So it's the worst when the creepy weirdos dance. This weekend I was at a live music club, and the band Jackson Observer was playing. (They rocked! Check 'em out.) So I'm wathcing the band and doing the head-bob thing to the music, and this 5 foot tall guy, seemingly aged 40-45 and donning a fu man chu mustache, asked me if I wanted to dance. Ugh, no thanks.

Talk about not hearing "no." (See post below from May 25) This guy came back 4 separate times, each attempt armed with another un-smooth line, and always wanting to dance. It was comical, actually. It was a odd situation though, because you never know if the guy is a friend's dad or something, so whipping out the bitch act is usually the last resort.

So in this situation, I combined laughing while setting a boundary. It worked! Anytime someone is trying to convince you of something and won't accept "no," all you need to do is keep repeating your same answer. In this case, I just added a laugh and said, "No thanks...I'm good." I said the same thing about 80 times. Eventually he gave up.

Maybe all this was brought on by the new tee I was wearing that said, "Shake your Buddah" with a little buddah man on it. Hmm...

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