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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A strange assurance...

Messages can sometimes arrive as odd packages, delivered from God, the Universe or whatever you believe in. This all comes at a time where I'm trying to put out a book and continue my hectic speaking and traveling schedule. As a result, I was starting to get a tad overwhelmed, and yesterday I did what I always do to do some good thinking. I went for a jog.

So I'm running through the streets of Hoboken, contemplating all these wonderful yet crazy changes going on at GFB...when all of a sudden, I damn near get hit by a car as I'm running across the street. Clearly, the driver hadn't seen me and I had the right of way. While normally this might warrant a dirty look (at the very least), the particular automobile was a green VW beetle convertible. For me, this totally forgave the deed. I love Beetles, and I have one myself. They're just happiness in the form of a car. So while I'm about to gear up again and keep going on the jog, ANOTHER car almost hits me...and this time it's a light blue Beetle convertible! With blue and green being the colors of GFB, and Beetles being my favorite happy sight, I have to wonder if this was just a subtle assurance that all is well, that change is good and that only postive vibes and happiness await...

Now if only I didn't have to nearly die twice in order to receive that message. That would've been nice.

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