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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Kickin' it in Kentucky

Last night I had the great honor of speaking to a rowdy-good crowd of 200 girls at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. The event was organized by a fantastic senior named Lora, and man did she knock my socks off. They hosted a reception for me prior to the 7 pm program, and I was so impressed by all the women's groups who came together to make the GFB program possible. It was a really great representation from the women's center, anti-violence groups, self-defense instructors, the counseling center, campus police and sorority women.

It was funny, because when I first arrived the girls were mystified I didn't have an "entourage." I told them I'm not quite rock star status yet, but I'm playing lots of guitar lately so it might be attainable soon. (ha ha) Possibly the best part for me was the fact that they made the cool banner you see above! They even let me keep it...I'm psyched to hang it in Girls Fight Back headquarters.

Oh yeah, the director of the counseling center named Dorothy suggested I change the name of the Booty Strike to the Booty Bang. Anyone have an opinion about that?

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