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Friday, March 10, 2006

Full Circle Moment

This morning I believe I had what Oprah might classify as a "Full Circle Moment." This is something that happens when you complete a life cycle, and you find yourself where you always hoped you would be. Today I went back to my high school alma mater, Schaumburg High. My task was to speak to a rowdy gym class of teen girls, and man, I am always up for that challenge! It was really weird to be back, since I hadn't stepped foot in this school since the day I graduated. Lots had changed. New carpet, lockers, and decor. The only thing that hadn't seemed to change was the gym uniforms. (I guess we can always count on those constants in life!)

I clearly remember a day my junior year in high school, when I was forced to go to an assembly in the gym. An African-American gentleman was our motivational speaker that day, and he totally rocked the house. He talked about making a difference and using your personal power to help others. It really hit a note with me that day, and sitting in the bleachers I thought to myself, "I would love to speak to students someday, and teach them to live meaningful and powerful lives."

Fast forward a little more than ten years later. Same gym, same girl, except this time I'm the one with the microphone. I had come full circle, and it felt pretty awesome.

A big thanks to my former gym teacher, Linda Luciani, for organizing the event.

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