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Monday, February 06, 2006

Turks and Caicos

Just got back from a few days on one of my new favorite places in the world: Turks and Caicos. It's a little country made up of a few islands just above Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It's simply a gorgeous and peaceful place.

The trip started out a little rocky, though. It began with yet another offense of my being an unsavvy traveler. This was my most blatant move yet: I tried to go through security with a Swiss army knife attached to my keychain. I actually took it out of my pocket, put it in the little plastic dish and sent it through the metal detector without thinking twice. The guy working the machine had this incredulous look on his face as he grabbed my keys and confiscated the knife. Seriously, I have GOT to get a grip.

But the madness didn't stop there. On our flight from Charlotte, NC to Turks and Caicos our plane's wing was malfunctioning. You know it's not good when the pilot comes on the intercom and starts with, "Umm...okay. We've got a little problem." Apparently the fuel door on the right wing was flapping in the wind, and the slats couldn't extend for landing. (Meaning, the plane wouldn't be able to slow down. This could transform an airplane into a flaming fireball...very bad.) So we proceeded to circle around Charlotte for 2 hours dumping fuel on lovely North Carolina. I kept imagining some poor guy sitting on his porch having a nice cup of coffee when SPLASH! Have a little jet fuel with that java, sir!

But anyway, we finally got to T&C safely. And let me tell you, the beaches in the Caribbean are AMAZING. Turquoise blue water, white sand, great people and just an overwhelming sense of peace. I did a lot of writing, and played lots o' guitar on the beach. It was a great recharge trip, so I'm now rearing to hit the road this week and teach some college girls how to kick some booty...

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