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Friday, February 10, 2006

Mowed Over by a Stroller

Last night I spoke at University of Califoria at Irvine. What a fantastic crowd of over 200 fight girls! A huge thanks to Lauren, who set up the whole thing. And rock on to all my new pals who sent me friend requests on MySpace.

So this morning, I was at LAX airport in Los Angeles, waiting to catch a flight back to the east coast for the weekend. It was really early, and I was ravenously chowing on a Burger King breakfast croissant. After devouring it, I walked over to the garbage can to toss it. As I turn around to walk back to my seat, CRASH! A woman who was plowing down the aisle with her child in a stroller totally pummeled me. I quickly realized there was a little boy in tow, so I somehow managed to throw my weight away from the kid and tumble down to the ground.

I have never, ever been the main focal point of such a public debacle at an airport in all my years of traveling. The woman pushing the stroller half heartedly asked me if I was alright as I tried to peel myself off the floor. She had this really mad face on, like, how dare I get in the way of her stroller and break her stride. Everyone stared at me as she rushed away in a huff. I did a quick queen's wave to the shocked crowd of onlookers.

I kept wondering if this little stunt was to be added to my list of Unsavvy Traveler Offenses. (See post below from Jan. 23) Was this my fault? I made friends with this guy named Greg sitting next to me on the airplane, and explained the situation that occurred just minutes earlier. I didn't have to detail all the madness, because Greg had seen the whole thing go down. He gave me 100% assurance that I was nothing but an innocent bystander who rather unfortunately found herself in the blazing path of a mom with wheels. So apparently I'm not an unsavvy traveler after least for today.

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