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Thursday, December 01, 2005

World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day, and I want to send out much love and support to those affected by the disease. The issue of HIV and AIDS hits pretty close to home for me. My Uncle Randy passed away from the disease in 1987. In college I made him a panel for the AIDS memorial quilt. I wonder where it is today...

I have a great friend named Shawn Decker who has been a real source of inspiration to me. He was diagnosed with HIV at the age of 11 after a contaminated blood transfusion. He lived in Virginia, and went through some really hard times after his diagnosis. This was all back in the Ryan White era, and Shawn also got kicked out of school for being infected. He really has risen above all his struggles, though. Today he's very healthy, a successful speaker/educator (along with his lovely wife Gwenn) and just got a book deal! Congrats Shawn!

Together, Shawn and Gwenn travel the nation teaching college students about safe sex and healthy relationships. I highly recommend you bring them to your campus. (See photo above of myself, Gwenn and Shawn on vacation in Key West) Click here for more information.

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