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Friday, November 18, 2005

Meet Kelly and Becca

I would like to introduce my loyal blog readers to my friends and fellow women's activists, Kelly Addington and Becca Teider. They travel the nation speaking to college students about date rape drugs, acquaintance rape and supporting friends who have endured an act as horrific as sexual assault.

During Kelly's senior year at college, she was slipped a date rape drug and sexually assaulted. She didn't realize it until days later, which is pretty common with this sort of crime. Her best friend, Becca, was there for Kelly like a sister. Together, they put together the pieces that remained in the aftermath of a woman's worst nightmare. Today they make a killer team educating students about this devastating issue facing today's college campuses.

Recently Becca and Kelly were speaking at Wichita State in Kansas, and the local TV station did a story on the awesome work they are doing. Click here to watch the video. You go girls! Keep fighting the good fight.

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