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Monday, October 03, 2005

Runnin' out of 20's

It was 28 years ago today that my poor mother squeezed out a 10 and a half pound monster to be named Erin Weed. (Bless her soul!) I suppose one might say that I'm officially running out of 20's. You know you're getting old when a fantastic b-day consists of cleaning the house and getting a car wash. I'm having a party later this week, but for tonight, I'm going to revel in the calm for once...

Because this past week has been anything but calm. I jet-setted around a bit, finally ending up giving a seminar at Vanguard in Charlotte, NC on Saturday. The great thing about speaking at businesses is the diversity of people who attend. In the seminar, we covered situations ranging from jogging alone to manuevering stairwells with a baby in tow...and how to be safe doing all these things.

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