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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ode to Chucktown

My apologies for the week long blogging vacation. I got three words for you: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Seriously, I'm in misery. It's just one of the lovely side effects of writing a book. (Which I'm happy to report, is almost finished!)

Today my blog entry will consist of an excerpt from a story from the Eastern Illinois University newspaper. EIU is my alma mater, and Charleston is quite an interesting town. I think the story below sums it up, though. Laugh and enjoy.

* * *

Shattered glass and broken bricks painted an action-movie-like scene Monday afternoon in Charleston. A 1998 white Lincoln Town Car crashed into Carlyle Apartment Rentals office and Snyder's ATA Black Belt Academy on the 800 block of Lincoln Avenue.

Mary M. Williams, 83, thought she had her foot on the brake when she pulled into the parking lot, but after the collision she realized her foot was on the accelerator.

Williams said she was on her way to get her haircut at Sassy Scissors when her car hit the building. "It's a strange thing when you have athletic shoes on," she said. "You can't always tell when you have the accelerator or the brake."

No one had any injuries from the accident.

Josh Bales, a junior marketing major, said he saw the car jump the curb and crash into the buildings. "It was pretty wild," he said, "she gunned it."

"I sure demolished those two buildings, didn't I?" Williams said with a laugh.

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