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Friday, October 21, 2005

Everybody is kung fu fighting...

Oct 20 - BLUFFTON, S.C. -A would-be carjacker got quite a jolt when he picked the wrong car to try to steal, Jasper County deputies say. The suspect tapped the window of the car Wednesday morning with a gun and motioned the driver to get out, Chief Deputy Roy Hughes said. The driver of the car had just bought a cup of hot coffee. So he slammed his door into the carjacker's legs, threw the coffee on him possibly burning the suspect's neck and face, and wrestled him to the ground, Hughes said. A shot was fired during the scuffle, but no one was hurt. The driver managed to get the gun from the suspect and point it at him, Hughes said. The suspect ran into the wood behind the store, the chief deputy said. Deputies are looking for the would-be carjacker along with two people believed to be with him who drove off while the fight was going on, Hughes said.

Oct 20 – CHICAGO, IL - When the young woman cried, pointed to her bedside Bible and begged her attacker to have mercy on a Christian woman, he told her to shut up or she'd be shot. So the Hyde Park woman tried another approach: She smashed her attacker over the head with a bottle, stabbed him with a kitchen knife and wrestled his gun away, a Cook County prosecutor said in bond court at 26th and California Wednesday. As Kendro Earl, 18, was being treated for stab wounds at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, a judge Wednesday set his bail at $650,000. The victim, who is 21, did not know the man who sneaked up behind her about 5 p.m. Monday and shoved a gun into her back as she opened the door to her apartment, said Cook County assistant state's attorney Nancy Wilder.

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