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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Easy Button

So my birthday was Monday, and I got some cool gifts. But above all, my favorite present was my brand new Easy Button. If you've been living under a rock, let me explain the Staples campaign that has made this Easy Button famous. A mother wakes in a panic in the middle of the night and realizes she hasn't bought her children any school supplies. Her husband tells her to hit the Easy Button, located on her nightstand. And shazam! Staples takes care of her school supply needs. In another commercial, a staff is getting ready for a big presentation and the copy machine jams. They panic, and everyone starts rhyming for some reason. (Not sure how that fits into the scheme, but I digress...) Then bang! They're at Staples, who saves the day by meeting their copy needs. Clearly, this is a magical little gadget. I keep it on my desk next to my computer, and whenever I get a bit overwhelmed, I just hit the button and it responds with a Frankenstein-type voice saying "That was easy." Hey, life is complicated. Everyone needs an easy button.

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