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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tri Update

You'll be happy to know that I survived my triathlon on Sunday, and raised quite a bit of money to rebuild the domestic violence and rape crisis centers affected by Hurricane Katrina. The swim had me a little freaked, with the jelly fish and all. I know that one touched me at one point, but I quickly did my mental exercise of pretending that I swimming in my bathtub. (and thus avoiding a major panic attack) The bike leg was rough, because I hadn't taken into account the very strong winds coming off the ocean. The run actually felt easy after that bike ride! So I finished with a personal best time of one hour and 39 minutes. Overall, it was a great time. And the cool thing about the Danskin Triathlon Series is that all the racers are so cool to each other. No throwing elbows or insults at these tris. Instead, when people smoke you on the bike ride, they yell behind them, "Good job! Keep it up!" One of the most inspiring things about this race is the Team Survivor. It's basically a bunch of cancer survivors who do the's truly girl power in motion.

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