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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Last night I spoke to a jam packed room of sorority gals at University of Tampa in Florida. What a blast! And the good news is that it was professionally video taped, so I will be posting video clips on the Girls Fight Back website very soon.

So after the program last night, my friend Becca (also a speaker in my bureau, CAMPUSPEAK) drove me back to my hotel. It was about 11:30 pm. We hadn't quite finished our conversation when we arrived at the hotel front door, so she pulled over to the side of the driveway near the parking lot. All of a sudden she says to me, "There's some guy approaching your side of the car." I turn to look, and he's already there. And he starts knocking. Both of us had a simultaneous intuitive reaction thinking, "This guy is totally creepy." So I said to Becca, "Step on it!" She put the pedal to the metal and he ate our dust. In the rear view mirror, I saw him curse at us and throw his hands up in frustration.

Many times people think Girls Fight Back is all about self-defense, but it's more about NEVER having to fight in the first place. Being aware, trusting intuition and having the courage to take action are the real key components to stayin' alive. Is it always socially graceful? No. But who cares? While the man who approached our car might have just wanted directions, here's the simple breakdown: It was nearing midnight, totally dark, nobody was around, we were two young women in a car, and a man we did not know approached our car and knocked on the window. When you put it that way, no one can blame us for punching the gas!

Life is like one big choose your own adventure book. May all your adventures be safe ones.

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