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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Rocky Mountains and Fried Gator

Being that college is officially in session, this tends to be a particularly busy time for GFB. I started out at Johnson & Wales University in Denver, where I addressed the entire freshman class. First I gave the brand spankin’ new “How to Be A Bad Victim” program to both the men and women, which was very well received. The gentlemen then exited for some Karaoke and in the Student Union (my kind of school!) and the JW ladies and I got down to business. Simply put, we opened up a Rocky Mountain Can O’ Whoop-Ass. My scary bad guy for the event was a student who had participating in a cross-dressing skit before my program, so he still had full make-up on while being my male assailant. I can tell you, fighting against a man 10 times more glam than myself was certainly a first! While in the Denver area, I managed to squeeze in a Willie Nelson concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater. What a fantastic show! Red Rocks is the coolest venue ever to check out a good music act, built among the flatirons of Colorado. I can assure you that Willie might be old, but he’s still got game. He recently came out with a reggae album, which I find hysterical. From Denver I flew to Tampa, Florida to speak at the University of South Florida. I was brought there by an old friend from high school named Lisa. She was actually a band buddy during my very abbreviated French Horn musical career. She’s gone on to become a Biology Ph.D. student at USF, and is a huge GFB fan. So again I did the “How to Be a Bad Victim” program to both the ladies and gentlemen of USF, and then the females in attendance busted a move GFB style. Afterwards, Lisa took me to dinner where I had my first experience eating alligator. (see photo) It kinda tasted like fried, rubber chicken. When in Florida, do what the Floridians do!

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