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Friday, September 16, 2005

Just a Moon Jelly...phew!

Good news! Turns out that the jellyfish that I'll be swimming with on Sunday for the triathlon are just harmless Moon Jellyfish, and they won't kill me. How do I know this? Turns out that one of my endearing blog readers is also a marine biologist and did some research on the issue. (Thanks Lisa!) Now I feel a bit more assured. Several other blog readers e-mailed me as well, but were taunting me for being scared of jellyfish. They marveled at the fact that I teach people fight bad guys for a living, but can't handle a measly slimy creature. I guess we all have our weaknesses. Another reader made a helpful suggestion. She advised me to say, "Stop. Leave me alone. I don't want any problems" in the event I am confronted by a jellyfish. Thanks for the advice.

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