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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fly in my eye

Last night I spoke at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. What a fantastic crowd, and a pretty big one too. I'd say there were about 300 fight girls in attendance. My male assistant, Rob, was nearly seven feet tall. (Which always makes things interesting...I'm always up for a challenge!) The gig was awesome, but there were some strange events that took place. First, I was doing the lecture part of my program when mid-sentence, the biggest fly ever zooms directly into my right eye! Instinctively both my hands flew to cover my face, and I yelled, "What the!" (Thankfully stopping myself before screaming an obscenity.) So I asked the crowd, "Did you guys just see that fly bombard me?" Everyone did, and they started hysterically laughing. I mean, this was an enormous ballroom, and this stupid fly decides to divebomb the lone speaker on stage. Just when I think it can't get weirder, it did. About 10 minutes later into the lecture, some girl in the crowd spontaneously falls out of her chair. It was too obvious to ignore, so I was like, "Hey, are you okay back there?" (Just FYI, she emerged from the ordeal without injury.) A big thanks to all the Rhodes gals who came out, despite it being test time. Holla!

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