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Monday, August 01, 2005

McKenzie Fought Back

I saw 12 year old McKenzie on the Today Show this morning talking about her encounter with a kidnapper. Last Tuesday she was approached by a man in her hometown of West Haven, Utah. He fed her a common line used by child abductors saying, “Help me find my puppy." McKenzie just didn't buy it. According to her, "Something just didn't feel right," which is a perfect example of human intuition at work. While many 12 year olds might have been paralyzed with fear, she trusted her gut and got busy trying to escape this guy. After he threw her head-first into his car, she starting screaming at him that he was a "jerk" and a "loser." She eventually had to physically defend herself, by scratching, kicking and yelling at him simultaneously. Eventually she became such a bad victim that this guy didn’t want to deal with her anymore. He told her to get out of the car, so she climbed over the seat, ran out of the car and got away safely. What a kick-ass girl. But here’s the thing that makes me nuts. We hear this amazing story of a brave little girl who saved her own life by using her intuition, her body and her mind. But then Matt Lauer proceeds to ask John Walsh (founder of America’s Most Wanted and also on the Today Show this morning) if she did the right thing by using “violence.” What?! Violence is what the abductor used, not McKenzie. She merely defended herself physically, which based on her victorious outcome was clearly the best thing to do. My homeboy John Walsh did a great job setting it straight, though. He emphasized that McKenzie was brave and a heroine whose escape should be an example to all other girls. You go, John Walsh!

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