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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Kofi for a Day

Recently I made a visit to the United Nations in New York City. (Well, technically it’s neutral international territory, but I digress. My tour guide would have wanted me to mention that.) I went to the UN to visit a good friend of mine who works in security there. First I went on the typical tour. But then my security pal took me on the REAL tour, and I got to sit in Kofi Annan’s chair in the General Assembly! Even better, I got to sit in the delegate seats and put those funny plastic interpreter ear pieces on. It was awesome. I thought it would be hilarious to stand up at Kofi’s podium and pretend to give a speech. Meanwhile, confused foreigners looked on from the tourist area. They must have wondered to themselves who the dimwitted woman in the obnoxious green shirt was. And why was she giving a speech to a completely empty General Assembly? If only the microphone had been on, it would have been a fantastic venue for karaoke.

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