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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Key West

So you might be wondering where the hell I’ve been...and the answer is on a much needed vacation in Key West, Florida! I had a great excuse to jet off to the Keys since my good friends, Mark Sterner and Krista Jones, got married there on Saturday. Mark is part of my speaker’s agency, CAMPUSPEAK. He has been voted Speaker of the Year for two years running by giving his extremely powerful and moving program called DUI: A powerful lesson. Now let me just tell you, there’s no rowdier crowd than a bunch of professional speakers at a social event, especially one that takes place on an island. So let me give you the down low on my peeps pictured at right with the killer sunset in the background. Let’s start at the left side of the photo with Shawn Decker. Shawn contracted HIV at age 11 after receiving a contaminated blood transfusion. Standing next to him is his amazing wife, Gwenn Barringer. Together, the two of them travel the country educating college students on healthy relationships and safe sex. Next to Gwenn is me, finally with some hint of a tan. Next to me is the hilarious T.J. Sullivan, who does a program at colleges called “Confronting the Idiot in Your Chapter.” What a great title. Next to T.J. is David Stollman, who is the Greek God of fraternity and sorority programming. He eats deadbeat Greeks for breakfast. And finally we have Judge Mitch Crane, who is part speaker, part lawyer, former judge and most likely to win in a verbal confrontation of any sort. These aren’t your everyday comrades...but I love ‘em all! So the wedding and the vacation were a blast, but the highlight was singing my official Karaoke song, Diana Ross’s “Upside Down.” And yes, we’ve got video of my stellar performance. (But I’m still trying to figure out why the crowd was shrieking and plugging their ears...hmmm.)

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