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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ellen and Oxygen

Last night I spoke in New York City to the staff at Oxygen Media. (Oh!) What a great bunch of ladies. It’s always very cool for me to speak in workplaces that already have a hefty dose of girl power. On my way out of the studio, I noticed a life sized, cardboard cut-out of Ellen DeGeneres, who is my favorite celebrity ever. I love how she can just find everyday things in life and make them hysterical. I also like how she makes extremely famous people come on her show and do ridiculous things. (Such as Mandy Moore driving a ride-on lawnmower while wearing a very tiny dress.) Even better, it’s cool how she makes ordinary people famous, such as the old woman who slept on the same mattress for 63 years! Ellen flew this woman (and the mattress) out to Los Angeles to honor her for this lifetime achievement. Anyway, it’s my life’s goal to make a stop at the Ellen show next March on my book tour. I want to teach her self-defense against her production assistant, Houston, while he’s wearing a mugger suit. I think it will be awesome.

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