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Friday, August 12, 2005

Albina Rock

I love rocker chicks. I’m always the person in the concert crowd who whoops it up when I see chick drummers or the like. I guess I just think of female rock stars as the ultimate example of girl power. Too bad my music career ended with honking “Jingle Bells” on a french horn in high school before my band teacher threw me out for being “too social.” Whatever. So I’d like to introduce you all to my friend and fave female musician, Brooke Fox. While there’s lots of singer/songwriters out there (especially here in the NYC area), sometimes I see a performer whose got more than just mad music skills. They also have passion. I think her passion comes partly from her struggle. You see, Brooke is an albino, and also legally blind. She’s been a fighter her whole life dealing with obstacles that most of us with full sight never even think about. She's doing her music on her own terms, which I admire. The writing, the producing, the whole she-bang. She temps in New York to get by, which is exactly how I started up Girls Fight Back. It's a struggle, but it makes the reward all the more sweet! So check out her site at and support her by buying the CD if you can.

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