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Friday, December 28, 2007

New blog

My blog has moved! Please see the link below for my new bloggy home:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Boundary Setting

My good friend Nancy Colasurdo recently started a gig as the Life Coach for Today she wrote a piece about boundary setting, which I love. Got a problem saying no? Apologize constantly for things you shouldn't apologize for? Read this!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Show #4 - Jess Weiner & AJ Jacobs

Today was my fourth show for Women on Top Radio. My first guest was Jess Weiner, the Ambassador for the Dove Self-Esteem Fund. In the second half of the hour, I had the bestselling author, AJ Jacobs, tell us about his new book "The Year of Living Biblically." Click here to listen to the podcast.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gone Skiing

Today I officially felt like a Colorado native. Instead of those sticker ski lift passes you affix to you jacket zipper, I had a season pass made of plastic! We hit the slopes and it was quite chilly...almost too cold to even take off a glove and snap a photo. Next time I'll post more scenic pics, but this was me happy as a polar bear.

This was my second time skiing in Colorado. As a native of Illinois, I had skiied throughout my youth in the dastardly mountains of...Wisconsin. (insert laugh track here) So I have a lot to learn, but I was crusin' pretty well. And I didn't wipe out once, which was pretty unbelievable. Guess what people here call someone's messy wipe-out experience? A yard sale.

As many of you who read this blog know, I have a LOT going on right now. A new office, more staff, a spring tour coming up and writing my second book. Hey, everyone is busy so I'm not claiming to have more on my plate than the next girl. For all of us, it's easy to get overwhelmed in this life. Add on family, finances, emails and other life demands...well, it's a stellar recipe for burn-out. I was thinking about all my stuff goin' on as I was skiing. I was taking on some greens runs, which were really challenging for a midwestern native like myself. But as a rule, I like to regularly do things that terrify me. (That must explain my chosen career as a professional speaker and radio host - I do for a living what most people fear more than death.) In general, if you're existing in your "comfort zone" it means you're not getting better. You're probably just feeling cushy, not taking risks and not growing as a person. So when asked to go on a few blue runs, I said yes.

Now these blue runs had bumps. Lots of them. And some glistened with what appeared to be ice. Not good for this flatlander, but I jumped off the ledge (quite literally) and came up with a system for getting down the mountain alive...I would not look beyond the next bump. I would be 100% present in the moment. I would concentrate on each curve, my balance staying low and center and I would congratulate myself after each successful turn. I tried this, and you know what? It worked. I stayed calm and centered. At no point did I get overwhelmed, and this made the massive task of getting down a ginormous mountain seem do-able.

I find this idea can be carried over into the overwhelming pace of life today. Maybe we sometimes need to take things minute by minute, turn by turn, and pat ourselves on the back for all the little victories. Big dreams are important. Huge aspirations will take you places. But nobody conquers the mountain without mastering the twists and turns.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Wacky A&W

Drove up to the mountains today for a serious powder weekend. We passed by this A&W, which is apparently owned by some die-hard Christian folks. Word on the streets says that every week they combine a new religious message with the latest food specials. I'll try and catch them weekly and let you know the good word of A&W. Click on the photo above to see the message.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tribute Video

The video below was made by a strong supporter of a few of us doing anti-violence work. Thanks Kathy! Featured in this video are: Angela Shelton, Ophelia De Serres, myself and Angela Rose. Learn more by visiting their websites below:

Angela Shelton:
The Weed (me):
Angela Rose:

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vote for your favorite speaker

Last year I was honored to be nominated for "Best Speaker" and "Best Female Performer" by Campus Activities Magazine. Many of my fellow speaker friends were also nominated, all of who deserved the honor. Now is the time of year where they are accepting nominations again. If you could take 2 minutes and vote at the link below, I would greatly appreciate it. This is a big deal to professional speakers, and it's nice when our peeps tell the world who they think should be rewarded for a job well done. All votes are due by December 15, so please don't wait!

Click here to vote

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gearing up

Yesterday I laid down an extreme amount of cash for my ski get-up for this season. Now that I'm a Colorado resident, there's no room for any craptastic ski gear. Of course, one must also be fashion conscious while on the slopes, so I laid it all out on my living room floor to make sure it was up to par. That's when Zoe (my pug) stumbled upon it and totally freaked out. I guess through the eyes of a tiny dog with an even tinier brain, it would be scary...kinda like a deflated human.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

White Elephant

Last night was my husband's company xmas party, and we were told to bring a white elephant gift. Now my mom has a pretty wacky sense of humor, so I've grown up with the annual white elephant gift exchange every Christmas. For those of you who are unaware, a white elephant gift exchange is when you find a ridiculous, purposeless or downright hilarious present. You wrap it up, and someone picks it out of the gift pile. Above is the gift we brought this year...a puffy shirt! (for all your Seinfeld fans...) We got it as a white elephant last year from my older brother and his wife. Truly classic. As you can see, in white elephant recycling is encouraged. Lighten up the holidays this year with a few laughs...give the gift of random ridiculousness!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Shooting in Omaha

Imagine, living in Omaha and making a mall run to pick up a few Christmas presents. All of a sudden, you hear what sounds like a nail gun. Maybe you dismiss it as sounds of construction, or the like. When all of a sudden, people start dropping around you and you see a young man on the balcony shooting people....this scenario was very real yesterday in Nebraska.

I think after horrific crimes like these are committed, many of us are left wondering what to do. How can we prevent future slayings? How can we help the families of the victims? And then something comes up, or you remember something to add to your grocery list or someone calls...and nothing is done. I think as a nation, we need to choose to act in response to these blatant acts of senseless violence. Three good things you can do today:

1. Say a prayer to God, Zeus, the Universe or whoever you believe in. Ask for peace for the families.
2. Donate to their local United Way, which will provide financial assistance to the families...learn more about how to donate by clicking here.
3. Read the book called "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin de Becker. It might make you re-think just how spontaneous and unpredictable crimes like this really are. Click here to buy it.

One final thing I think we should lobby for in this country. Anyone who commits these crimes should never get their name mentioned or face showed in the media...ever. Let's send the message to murderers that their crimes will not be rewarded with fame or a media circus. Instead, you will just disappear and no one will ever know who you are. Now that's punishment...and a deterrant.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Clear Channel

Here's me with Amber Mesker from AM 760 Clear Channel here in Denver. We went out to lunch, and noticed we were dressed exactly the same. And now that I look at it, the both of us match the restaurant in which we ate. Funny.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Weekly Update

Man, life has been crazy. I always think to myself, "When my tour is over, I'll finally get some peace." But it just ain't so. We've had guests visiting non stop, which has been a lot of fun. I'm thinking of re-naming our house "The Weed Inn."

The radio show has been a little kooky. My station, AM 760, has a contract with the University of Colorado to broadcast their football games on a lot of Sundays. This means my radio show, Women on Top, gets bumped. Annoying, but we'll survive. Check the WOT website for more details and listen to podcasts.

In other news, there's some major growth happening. I'm hiring for two positions: an Events Coordinator and a Production Intern. If you'd like the full job description, send an e-mail to In addition to growing our team, we have also moved into a new office and it's gorgeous. I'll be shooting some videos there soon so you can check it out. It's modern and funky with a cyber cafe. It's almost like going to work at Ikea.

Finally, I'm using the holidays to start planning for some BIG expansion ideas for '08...and I've also begun writing my second book "Teens Fight Back!" Game on. Stay tuned.

Monday, November 26, 2007

How to Live Green - Show #3

Yesterday my third show for Women on Top Radio was all about living green....especially during the holidays. Check out the post-show video above, or listen to the podcast by clicking here.

Learn more about my radio show at!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Giving Thanks

All day yesterday I was a cooking machine...but don't be fooled, I was also doing a lot of thinking and a lot of thanking. Here were a few things that crossed my mind...

I am so blessed with a great family and lovely in-laws who support me in all the crazy things I do. I give an extra special thanks to my brother Andrew who is currently at Marine Corps. Sniper School in California, and heads to Iraq on January 1st. Much love and ongoing appreciation to the McNamara family. A huge thanks to my biz coach, Greg Walker, who has let me borrow his confidence in taking some big steps for GFB. I am also so thankful for my fellow warriorettes fighting the good fight. Thanks to my friends at AM 760 for getting the radio show off to a rockin' good start. And to my GFB staff, you all rock like Spock. If you're reading this blog, chances are you're a big fan and supporter so I say THANK YOU for sticking behind us. Very good things are to come...

Other random things I am thankful for: Puma sneakers, Hampton Inns, gebera daisies, wi-fi, angels, flannel sheets, people who say "okie-dokie", in-flight movies, funky satchels, snowcapped mountains, VW beetles, sleep, the new Alicia Keys album, strong coffee, pugs and gas fireplaces.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you all much love, peace, family, friends and full tummies!

May you survive your turkey coma today...

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Dairy

After the crazy amounts of travel I've done over the past few months, it was time to get away. My friend Karen Meyer invited me to her log home named "The Dairy" for the weekend. There were some other fabulous people, and six crazy dogs! Talk about a mental health was so beautiful and so invigorating to breathe in that mountain air.

Above is a great view of the hillside from our bedroom.

Above is the view from the house...are you kidding me? Holy gorgeousness!

Here's my pug Zoe enjoying her breakfast on the porch.

FYI, Karen has made such a generous offer to anyone wanting to rent out "The Dairy" for their next vacation. Rent a minimum of 4 nights at the Dairy in 2008 and she will donate one night's value to the Girl's Fight Back Foundation. Make sure to mention GFB when you book! Learn more and see some very cool pics at:

Friday, November 16, 2007

Taking a break...

Well after the past three insane months of my life, this week I have been trying to take it easy. I should add, my attempt to chill out has been overall pretty unsuccessful, as so many things are in the planning phase right now. It's November and we're already talking about the spring tour...can you believe that? And FYI, having your own radio show is a ton of work! It's very rewarding and I'm having a total blast with it, but it's just very time consuming. Speaking of which, due to the station airing a basketball game this Sunday, I will not be on the air. Catch me next week as I'm interviewing some experts on how to "live green" and also some great environmentally friendly gift ideas for the holidays. I'm headed to the mountains for the weekend and will be curling up with it. Hope you all have a most excellent weekend.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Women on Top - 2nd Show

Today I had Angela Shelton and Diana Goldberg on the show discussing how we can keep our kids safe from predators, abuse and violence. I love these ladies!

CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Stayin' Alive on Spring Break

Yesterday we launched the brand new website for my Spring Tour:

Check it out, and feel free to use the content to educate others on how to stay safe. I know this is WAY in advance, but planning ahead is a good thing. Gear up for a safe spring break!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

BACCHUS - Atlanta, GA

Today I gave the "Stayin Alive on Spring Break" program. We had so much fun, and as always I tossed in some self-defense moves at the end. They totally dug it.

Here's me sitting at my exhibit table autographing free books for all attendees. Pretty sweet deal, eh?

Above is me with my great buddy Amy Butler. She's a fellow Alpha Phi and works at was great chillin' with her and my other peeps.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Heart Atlanta

Today I drove from South Bend Indiana to Chicago, then flew to Georgia where I met my husband at the Atlanta Airport. We're such jet setters lately, it's hilarious. I'm here because of the BACCHUS General Assembly, an annual conference that brings together peer educators from across the country. We got our luggage and awaited our ride...and I spotted this cool penguin made of scrap metal. I held his fin and took this picture. How romantic. Later on one of our friends from Atlanta took us to an incredible restaurant owned by Demi and Ashton. It was fabulous. Getting psyched for my "Stayin' Alive on Spring Break" presentation tomorrow at 3pm!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

St. Mary's College - South Bend, IN

Tonight I spoke to the sister school of Notre Dame...and it's an all girls school. There was a whole lotta estrogen on this campus! I gave the Girls Fight Back program, and was so psyched to see one of my buddies Kirsten Siron Young. She's one of the people on this earth who dresses up her pug more ridiculously than me. See us above.
After the program, these lovely gals threw a little reception for me in a haunted residence hall. I was freaked out. They were telling all sorts of scary stories...spooky!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Women on Top Radio Premiere!

Today was a HUGE day, and a HUGE milestone. I hosted the first episode of my radio show, "Women on Top Radio." Let me tell you, I was nervous. And it takes a lot to scare a professional speaker, since we do for a living what most people fear more than death. But there's something about sitting in a real live AM talk studio with a mic in front of your face, and realizing that many, many thousands of people are listening to you across the country. It can really freak you out, so I just pretended that nobody was really listening. That seemed to do the trick. A huge thanks to my production team, Juliet Noory and well as my stellar guests Andrea Mosby and Gwenn Barringer. We had an incredible discussion about AIDS and HIV education.

If you couldn't listen today, no problemo! We already have the podcast edited and ready for listening. CLICK HERE to listen to the show. And if you can, tune in to AM 760 next Sunday at 2pm MST for another hour o' girlpower. If you don't live near Colorado, listen streaming live on the internet at

Now I'm gonna go celebrate.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Connecticut Teens

Last night I flew to Newark and then drove to Connecticut so I could speak to a bunch of teen girls in Greenwich this morning. I got into Newark around midnight, hopped in my rental car and was on my way, one hour east to CT. Within 15 minutes, I damn near managed to get myself and several other innocent drivers killed. It started with me driving down a one way street, then involved several near collisions on 95 North. How quickly I had forgotten how to drive in Jersey and New York City! It's like the freakin' Autobahn.

But I somehow managed to get to Greenwich safely, and spoke to the coolest teen girls ever. A huge thanks goes out to Bob Kocienda, who organized three high schools to come to the YWCA on a Saturday morning...not an easy logistical task. See me and Bob pictured above as we posed for a pic mid-program, after I put stickers on all his vulnerable spots!

As you can see above, we had some extra space and time so I whipped out some serious ground-fighting instruction. We did all sorts of kicks on the ground, and even taught them some cool techniques for pinning situations. But as always, I reminded these gorgeous teens to take a self-defense class in their area! Below I'm sandwiched in the center between all my new friends...thanks for coming out, you dangerous vixens!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween

Last night I arrived back home just in time for the trick or treaters...and to dress up my little pug, Zoe. She was a little pumpkin for Halloween! I'm totally that girl who dresses up her dog...I admit it. It could've been worse for her, though. I've see pugs dressed up as princesses, hot dogs, spiders, etc. I rewarded her good sportsmanship by feeding her spaghetti. She is totally obsessed with carbs. Look at her little tongue trying to swipe the noodle!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

University of Iowa - Iowa City

Since I was already in town for the 5k this past weekend, I made the scenic drive (NOT) from Chicago to Iowa City yesterday morning. Last night I had the pleasure to speak to a crowded ballroom at the University of Iowa. Pictured above is me and Scary Bad Guy Ben teaching a crowd of several hundred Hawkeyes how to kick some booty...with the assistance of Chuck Norris, of course.

Here's me doing some palm strikes with some cute boys.

I took a moment to pose with the lovely event organizers. An extra special thank you goes to Kate Sojka, on my left. She worked SO hard to make this a huge success!

Above is me throwin' down a media interview. Not sure what I'm saying here, but I recall thinking, "Oh crap! My radio show launches this Sunday! I better get my act together with this whole media thing..."

Today I drove back to Chicago, to fly back to Denver. And let me tell you, there are some seriously crazy lookin' people dressed up here at O'Hare. I have to keep reminding myself that it's actually Halloween...not just the usual freakazoids one normally finds in a major airport. Happy Halloween everyone!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Shannon McNamara 5k walk/run

Every year since Shannon's murder, her friends from Rolling Meadows, IL have organized a race to raise money for a scholarship in Shannon's name. It's always such a heart warming event to have so many people gathered together who loved this girl. Being that I felt the need to party in my green leisure suit until 4am, I was clearly struggling a bit as I somehow managed to walk the route. I'm sure Shannon was looking down at me and laughing. I bounced back, with the help of that crisp autumn air. After the race I headed over to the McNamara family gathering that also happens every year. We just sit around the for whole afternoon, talk, eat, drink and remember Shannon. It's really therapeutic for everyone. And I was glad to have the day off just to be with her family without having to rush off to catch another flight. We raised some serious cash this year, so it will be great to send yet another student off to college with a scholarship in Shannon's name.

Above is just a fraction of the long line of walkers and runners.

Each year the race has sponsors...see them above.

Here's me with a few of Shannon's family members. From L-R: Sharon (Cindy's best friend and amazing party hostess), Cindy (Shannon's Mom), Me, Mary Ruth (Shannon's Aunt) and Brit (our favorite gal pal and Sharon's daughter).

As you can see above, me and Mary Kay (Shannon's Aunt) discovered the trampoline. We damn near peed our pants. Good times.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween in Chicago

I flew in to Chicago yesterday, and attended a fun gathering at some dive on Clark St. near Wrigley Field hosted by our friend from college. People seemed to really get into the whole costume thing this year. I've never seen so many grown men dressed as Care Bears. What's up with that? As you can see from the picture above, my friends and I whooped it up. Tommy is a British Knight or something, Neal is a crocodile hunter, KatyO is Princess Lea and I'm wearing a fabulous, vintage onesie green leisure suit. I whipped it out from my college days, and it's so comfortable. And the beautiful thing about polyester is that when people spill on you, the liquid just beads up and falls on the ground. No stains, no dribbles! I should wear polyester more often. KatyO thought her Lea wig was too itchy, so I wore it for a majority of the evening. Complete strangers were coming up to me and were like, "What ARE you?" And I responded that I was a Charlie's Angel...Kate Jackson to be exact. I know, it's not remotely cool or funny. But I just really wanted to wear that green leisure suit again. Mission accomplished.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

United Airlines Debacle

Well I'll say it for real: My days flying United Airlines are over. This could be difficult, given that I live in Denver, their hub. But I'm going to try and avoid this company to the best of my ability. And here's why.

So yesterday I was flying from Allentown, PA to Denver. I had to connect in Chicago for just a one hour layover. Around 2pm I'm on a huge 777 plane about to take off for Denver, when the Captain comes on the intercom. He informs us that some people on the left side of the airplane saw us hit another plane with our wing. Now I immediately believe people in situations like this, but the Captain was all sorts of sure that these people must have "seen something flying in the wind." That's crazy. I'd put $100 on my peeps on the left side o' the aircraft. The Captain says that as a precaution, we have to go back to the gate and have it checked out. He sounded real annoyed, and told everyone not to get up, because he was sure we'd be taking off in a matter of minutes after it's looked at. So about 10 minutes goes by, and the Captain is back on the intercom...only this time he is informing us that indeed we hit another airplane, and the left wing is all jacked up. (OK, so he didn't say "jacked up" exactly, but gave some sort of explanation saying the wing was basically mangled. Hence, my interpretation.)

All 300 people are now asked to get off the airplane, and about 299 of them get in a big-ass line to speak to one solitary gate agent. But I know better. I go to the bar, order a Sam Adams and get on the phone with United's 800 number. Silly non-travelers. I tried to tell a few people in line that standing in line wasn't going to get them anywhere, but they ignored me. 7 minutes later I was confirmed on the next available flight leaving 5 hours later. In the meantime, United claimed they had "fixed the problem" and called in another crew to fly the plane. Now, I don't quite understand how you "fix" a jacked up wing in just an hour. That's gotta be some sort of record. The new crew arrived shortly thereafter, and get this...they refuse to fly the plane! Now I have one rule about air travel: If a crew refuses to fly an airplane, you should refuse to ride on it! So I decided to wait out the later flight and make a lot of new friends in the airport bar.

The debacle continued, but for the sake of ending this blog posting, the day ended with me getting home to Denver around 11pm safe and sound. It made me think about a lot of things in regards to what I speak about for a living. First off, why don't we trust people's vision and intuition immediately when they alert us to danger? Why do bureaucratic airlines try and put people in danger for the sake of getting a plane to it's next destination, despite professional crew members saying it's unsafe?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Muhlenberg College - Muhlenberg, PA

As we speak, I am sitting at the Allentown, PA airport and loving the free WiFi here! Last night I spoke at Muhlenberg College, and had such a blast. They were in the middle of mid-terms, but they were troopers...I still spoke to a packed room. A big thanks to Chris and the Panhellenic Council for creating such an awesome event! See me pictured above with Scary Bad Guy extraordinairre, Ryan.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cornell University - Ithaca, NY

Last night I visited the land of Ivy League while speaking at Cornell. First off, getting there was so pretty, as this is "leaf peeping" season out East. I've missed the trees changing colors in living in Colorado. Out west, the trees just kinda turn yellow and fall off. So I got my fix, driving from the airport in Rochester down to Ithaca. I was psyched to visit, especially since my good friend Travis Apgar was there. He's the Associate Dean, and the coolest guy ever. He is also a speaker, and talks about his experiences with hazing and suicide. Click here to check out his programs.

The crowd was great, and Cornell sprung for buying EACH GIRL IN ATTENDANCE her own book! So I signed a lot of 'em, and had a good time doing it. Thanks to all my new friends, especially those wonderful A-phis.

Monday, October 22, 2007

DePaul University - Chicago, IL

Ah, it's always good to go home. On Saturday I flew from North Carolina to sweet home Chicago. Last night I spoke to a fabulous crowd of students at DePaul, and had a great showing. They ran out of chairs, which is something I call a "good problem." A huge thanks goes to Deana, the event organizer. See us above trying out our groin strikes (in a flawless, synchronized fashion) and me signing some books.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Vanguard - Charlotte, NC

Yesterday I had my second hit of the kick-ass company of Vanguard. I taught a bunch of lovely gals how to fight, and we had a good time doing it. See me and the event organizer Rhonda above. She totally made the display behind cute is that?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Today my friends at posted an interview they did with me. Click here to read it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

University of Texas - El Paso, TX

Tonight was so much fun. For the first time ever, I flew today to El Paso, Texas. In true frequent traveler form, I got on the plane and didn't know exactly what area of Texas I was flying into. I mean, Texas is practically its own country. (and it seems like those wild n' crazy Texans think so too!) Anyway, when I got off the plane I found out it was in the very corner of the state, right next to both Arizona and Mexico. Man, I could go for a relaxing trip to Mexico right about now...mmmmargaritas!

But anywho, back to University of Texas. I was a little thrown off when I walked into the student union and was greeted by a guy who seemed to know exactly who I was. I figured he was on the planning committee, the way he shook my hand and smiled at me. (My clients have usually seen my picture before I arrive, so they usually know who I am but I don't know who they are. So I'm accustomed to this sort of thing.) So imagine my surprise when they guy says, "You're the carrot cake salesperson, right?" I was like, "Um, no." My job has lots of titles, but a seller of carrot cake is not one of them. He walked away, looking pretty honked off. I looked around for the candid camera crew. Random.

The GFB program went off quite well, and a big thanks to both Tonya and my Scary Bad Guy Ray. Thanks to all my new friends for the coffee mug, shirts and cool poster!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sungate Kids

Last night I flew back to Denver from Phoenix, just in time to attend a gala for Sungate Kids. I was totally that girl changing into a formal gown in the airport bathroom. Very classy. But it was worth it, because Sungate Kids is an amazing charity. Their office is contained in a cute little yellow house, which is decorated all sunny and bright. The purpose of the house and the organization is to conduct interviews of children who have been sexually abused or have witnessed traumatic events. And the best part is that these interviews are videotaped, meaning the little kids don't have to be interrogated time and time again about the nightmare they have lived through. I am hoping to interview the Executive Director on my radio show starting in November, so stay tuned.

Learn more at:

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Vanguard - Scottsdale, AZ

Vanguard is one of my oldest and greatest corporate clients. They send me to their offices all over the nation teaching their employees how to protect themselves. Today I spoke to a smaller crowd of 30 people, which was really fun. Lately I've been speaking in ginormous auditoriums and sometimes miss those little venues where I can get really down 'n dirty! Pictured above is me with Donna, who organized the event. Hope to be back soon!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

SUNY New Paltz - New Paltz, NY

This crowd was such a hoot! And I was thankful for their abounding energy, because frankly, I was running low on it. Yesterday I drove six hours north after speaking at the high school to get to New York. I got off the highway at exit 17 off the NYS Thruway since it was the exit for my hotel. And I could SEE the hotel from the highway, but for the life of me could not figure out how to get to it! Isn't that crazy? When you can see a large building but have no idea how to actually arrive there? Kinda makes you want to hop curbs and drive through fields. I felt like I was living back in New Jersey again...

So back to my story. The crowd at New Paltz was fantastic, and I met some really cool people. I was doing the "How to be a Bad Victim" program to both men and women, and they were all so great. I got some really nice Facebook messages afterwards. I especially love the complements from guys. They usually start out with, "I thought you were gonna suck, but I was pleasantly surprised." I find this honesty very refreshing. And it's always encouraging to know that you don't suck, isn't it?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tour de Maryland

Last night I spoke to an awesome crowd of men and women at Washington College in Chestertown, MD. To get there from the Baltimore Airport, I had to cross the biggest, longest, highest, scariest bridge ever! It was exhilarating. Do you ever drive over a bridge and wonder what would happen if you sneezed or something, and busted into the guard rail? Anywho, we had some good times, then it was back in the car to drive to Annapolis, MD.

This morning I woke up at the crack o' dawn to drive an hour south to speak at Huntingtown High School. An incredible woman named Dena Radosevic is the Photography teacher there, and has been trying for YEARS to bring me to the school. But due to my insane schedule, we were just not able to work it out until now. See me pictured above with a bunch of fabulous teens, who helped organize the event. And we certainly needed the help, because this auditorium was JAM PACKED. The funny thing about speaking to teens is that they are programmed to hate anyone who steps up on stage. As a speaker, you immediately begin with "uncool" status, and you have to work hard to get them on your side. (Note: this profession is not for those still scarred from high school cafeteria tauntings) The power of GFB won these gals over, and by the end one of my hecklers shouted at me, "Hey! Nice job lady!" Lady? Is that what people will start calling me now that I'm 30? Disturbing.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Fox News "The Lineup"

Click above to watch my appearance on Fox News Channel last night on "The Lineup."

Friday, October 05, 2007

2nd Edition of the GFB book

When you write and publish a book, there's always a sneaking fear within an author that nobody will buy it. Thankfully that fear never materialized for me...quite the contrary actually. We sold almost 5,000 books in 2006-07, and we went back to print in September '07 for Round Two. They just arrived's me chillin' with 3,000 of my new friends! FYI, nothing has changed in the second edition of the book, really. Just some minor updates to web addresses and a few graphics.

You might already know this but just in case...all profits from are donated to the Girls Fight Back Foundation. So if you buy it from us, you get an autographed copy and you also support a great cause!

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

A grown up b-day

Last night was the most subdued birthday I've had since I was about 4 years old. Had a lovely, mature dinner with my hubby Peter, brother-in-law Mark and future sister-in-law Chris. You just can't go wrong with chillin' with family on your birthday.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Dirty 30

Today I woke up to a bazillion emails from friends all over the country wishing me a happy birthday. This is just one of the reasons I feel so incredibly literally have friends everywhere I go.

I've read a lot of articles and seen a lot of friends go through a 30 crisis. Many of them feel the need to climb a mountain, have an insane party or jump out of an airplane.

But for me, I'm taking today to just reflect and be thankful for what doors have opened for me in 3 decades. I was given my life's mission at 23. I got the dog of my dreams at 24. I married the man of my dreams at 26. I wrote a book at 28.

And today, at 30, I have been given my own AM talk radio show here on Denver's AM 760. I am calling it "Women on Top." (Can you believe Clearchannel approved that?) It's going to tackle both fun and difficult subject matters that are affecting women in America today. Stay tuned for the show premiere on Sun. Nov. 4th. Listen in the Denver area live on AM 760 or online anywhere in the world at

Learn more at:

So my intention for today isn't to do something crazy, but to reflect on all the magnificent craziness of my life up until now. I can't wait to see what is to come...bring on the next 30 years!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Stolen Identity

So I'm looking through my credit card bill today, and notice a $1200 purchase at a sex toy shop. I immediately started wracking my brain as to when I might have been so desperate to drop over a grand on pleasure toys. But alas, no such thing has happened. After calling American Express and explaining my situation, the representative nervously giggled as she removed the charges from my bill. I totally joined the Identity Theft Victim Club. Hooray for me.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The body is a funny thing, and I'm constantly amazed by it. Somehow, it knows the exact convenient time to make me dysfunctionally ill. I was on the road for the past few weeks, and yesterday I returned from Florida. Then BAM! Sick as a leper. Can't move anything but my thumb on the remote control.

I think this is nature's way of telling us, "Slow the hell down, or I'll do it for you!" Thanks for the reminder, you resilient body. I'm taking a break from work and this bloggy for a few days so I can catch up on mindless television while I recover.

I did see Michael Moore on Oprah, about his movie Sicko. Think what you will about him, but he posed a very interesting question: Does everyone, regardless of income, deserve quick and top notch healthcare?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

University of Central Florida - Orlando, FL

I'm so pissed that I forgot my camera last night! We booked this program at UCF pretty last minute, so we scrambled the thing together within just weeks. In my past experiences, this usually equates to not many people in attendance simply because there was no time to promote it. But whoa, I had no idea the passion and dedication of these women at UCF! It started with my friend Lindi Smedberg, who saw me speak at Jacksonville University last spring. She made some serious magic happen, along with the Panhellenic Council. There were probably 500 women in attendance, all who were so psyched to learn some Palm-Knee-Knee action. Thanks to all of you...and I loved the Houlihan's dinner afterwards. Hope to be back soon.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Old Dominion University - Norfolk, VA

I pride myself on being on time, and never getting lost. Between good advance planning and my GPS, both these things are usually possible. But I royally messed things up yesterday, walking into the room at 7pm...when the speaking time was scheduled for 7pm! I was so incredibly lost, it was unbelievable. So when I finally arrived after one hour and forty minutes in the car, I ran to the bathroom (damn near peed my pants), we put up my powerpoint presentation and I pretty much jumped on stage out of breath. But it's funny, having all that adrenaline in my veins gave a new twist to the "Bad Victim" program, and I have to say I really dug it! This crowd was amazing...a bunch of men and women from all walks of campus life. See me signing LOTS of books after the program, along with a pic of the Alpha Phi chapter on campus and the staff of the women's center who organized the event. Special thanks to Gretchen (for directions!) and Alexa Priddy who put it all together. And by the way, it only took me 10 minutes to drive back to my hotel. How the hell did I get so lost on the way there??? What's wrong with me?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

University of Tampa - Tampa, FL

Yesterday I flew from New Jersey to warm, sunny Tampa. I'm happy to report that my mother in law is doing really well after her surgery, so it was great to depart knowing she's hangin' in there. I gave the "Bad Victim" program at UT to a room full of awesome men and women, and we had a blast. I also had an opportunity to sell a bunch of people on the iphone...I did a demo of how cool it is. A huge thanks to Nora Bugg, who organized the event and pulled together an enthusiastic bunch. Check out me and my new buddies at UT holding the "Stop. Leave me alone. I don't want any problems." door hangers. There are safety tips on the back. How fun is that?